Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Planning Gets In The Way Of Doing

I already gave you my epiphany in the title. So, little remains to be said, other than that I've been planning so many things, I've seldom been doing any.

Not being lazy, just sheer arrogance. Since, this wasnt in my plan, I refuse to acknowledge it. Like a bitter, blind, rigidly disillusioned woman.

As a new wife, I fight many expectations. Some with myself even. Ever since I got married last year, this expectations list has grown three fold. There are people who need acknowledgement, responsibities that need undivided attention and there are shameless prying questions to be answered.

Oh I got one, my hotness of a husband and I often get stumped on this one - why do I need to keep a job? Ugh. I always visualized the adult life as being on a perpetual vacation. Bright beautiful sun-lit pictures on a yacht and endless non-fattening barbecues with men dressed in wrinkle-free polos and ample just-enough-high-inducing champagne glasses.

Nobody told me about weekdays.

As you can see, my sunday night, impending monday morning depression is in full swing. And too many problems right now are appearing to be one. And there's a lot of ranting I can do right now. Or I can finish my pending work. Or read my book. Or smoke. Shit, I forgot, what was my actual plan?

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