Saturday, August 25, 2007


We've all read 'The World Is Flat'. Good book. Organized, descriptive, interesting anecdotes, almost inspiring. Do I hear biased?

'Globalization' as a subject for bestsellers is great. And, so is, selective reporting of facts and a positive bias, after all, even writers have mortgages to pay. So all that synergy and equal opportunity, faster internet, outsource, outshore, insource, in-form is fine but on what costs? Is that all that there is to having the small grow smaller?

Extremism/Radicalism/Fanaticism however you call it breeds out of intolerance. Modernization buys for each of us 'noninterference'. Then how come when on a personal level we seek independence and noninterference, on a broader spectrum we're forced to bind together and agree all?

What gives the more scientifically advanced nations the right to dictate and impose their so-assumed higher moral structures on others?

What I'm trying to say is, from my small cluttered window, as I view the world, 'Terrorism' is an outcome of forced socializing in the big global family. An aftermath of Globalization.

Even when we build houses we know that we shouldn't peep in others' houses. That we respect the fences and each others' privacy. How well we define 'their business' and 'my business'. Well, yeah.

Isn't indifferent a much preferred state to be in than living the terrible consequences of intolerance?

I personally think none of this (read Extremism) would've existed if we all just stuck to our business? No social structure gives any of us the right to make others live to our terms and repair something which isn't broken yet. Advise which is not asked is also not appreciated, not personally, not nationally.

The Eskimos would've rejoiced in their Sushi and Igloos. The Sub-Saharan people riding the camels, coming home to their belly dancing wives. See, such authentic culture would've been retained too.

I'm sick of Terrorism, the world my friends, needs more genuine problems.

P.S. Anyone having access to Television, do watch 'The Business Quiz', its on CNBC TV-18.

I realized while writing this that Comma is my absolute favourite punctuation mark. Its... hopeful.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


If I ever live to have kids, the one thing I want to consciously inculcate in them would be - honesty. Even if it turns out to be the only thing they'd ever learn from me.

Aur kuch kehne ka hain nahi besides, I'm bored now. Bye.