Tuesday, July 24, 2007


खुशियो की कगार पर खडा खडा
कभी मन यू भी विचलित होता है की
ये सारा सुख सारा सुकून
कही किसी पल एकाएक खो ना जाए
गर्म रेगिस्तान मे बालु की तरह
दुर कही उड्ता हुआ बिखर न जाए
मगर ये सब खुशिया आपकी मेहनत की कमाइ है
आपके प्यार की सिचाई है
तो फ़िर सुकून आपसे परे कहा जाए

मन जिनका इतना साफ़ हो
उनकी निश्चिन्तता की तो कोइ सीमा ही नही
हर उल्झन से अछुता
हर खला से विभूत
दुनियादारी मे तो सब माहिर हो जाते है
मगर प्यार, रिश्ते, अच्छाई, इन्सानियत
के हुनर कौन सिखाए
जब कर्मो से इतना उट जाए
की नज़रे लिहाज़ से नीची होती चली जाए
तो फ़िर सुकून आपसे परे कहा जाए

कोइ चाह कर भी कहा कर सके आप सी उडान
बेसबब कहा ले सर कोइ इतना इम्तेहान
जिनकी दुनिया सिर्फ़ नर्म मुस्कुराहटो से रौशन हो जाए
तो फ़िर सुकून आपसे परे कहा जाए

:) Wrote it for Nanaji on his 80th Birthday. Hindi/Urdu, just however the words came. No set standard, hence sub standard ;)

Khair, had too much fun writing it, so worth it all. Ta ta.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hussain's sms made my day. Here-

अब तो घबरा के ये केहते है की मर जायेन्गे
मर गये पर ना लगा दिल तो फ़िर किधर जयेन्गे

If you want to read the full version, look up Ibrahim Zauq at UrduPoetry :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


All people must fail once.
Some who fail, learn.
Some fail twice.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Wtf, am I doing? I'm sure everyone goes through this phase, so its all cool in a very zen-ish big minded way, but lets not rule out the pent up frustration and frequent sudden urges to just - SOL viz. Scream Out Loud.

Ever since I've started to know myself, I have wanted to write. For a living and for living. Thats a good start I thought, I know what I like to do.

Reality Bite: I'm studying for CAT. Why? Because writing apparently doesnt 'really' pay your bills. Especially so, when you intend to travel across historical places and take resolute pride in some grand epicure. Hence the mix-up with numbers, graphs and cases. Anyway.

So we had a test at my MBA Prep Classes, the results were very distressing, this was also expected. But the reason I was taken aback is - I 'even' failed English. So what does that say? That says - No help! If I had failed one section or two, I'd know what to work more on, how to divide up and where I stand. But failing in ALL, means working equally hard at all. WTF. Now, I have to work hard-'er' in 3 sections out of 3. Great. Thanks. This was helpful.

On other fronts, I cant wait to get my hands on the still digi, the rains are here and all I wanna do is sit on the terrace and click away.

I miss Priya so much. I'm miserable without her screaming in my ears, more so without her dense, loud obnoxious laughter filling the house. Some books done with, some movies later, life is pretty much at the same speed as when she left. Just a little airy maybe, since there isnt her big ass rolling around my house. Even my house misses her. Come home, man. We need to watch the rains and write some poetry.

Does 'Miserable' in any way spring off from 'Missing'? Just curious. And since you got me started, what about 'Curious' and 'Cure'?

Anyway, here's to .. good ol' memories :) Love ya, chica!