Monday, November 10, 2008

Gooey Eeeky Things

A lizard fell on my head the day I came back to hostel from Diwali vacation, my mom said its good luck, I’m still waiting for the goodluck. Completely! I try the hardest in my life to not face this ugly creature and I just cant escape it I guess. One time (exactly an year ago), I was studying late at night it was say around 2 AM. I rarely sit on the study table and study. So I was on my bedroom floor with all my papers and it was really silent.

Suddenly I hear this funny paper sound. But I let is go, thinking its windy. And then I hear it again.. LOUDER! I get up and look around.. to my complete dismay and HORROR.. I see these two lizards making out (or whatever they were doing) on my desk! I wanted to scream... it was so gross. I hate lizards.. and they eek me out. They are so creepy. Eww.. and I was so scared. I am very scared of anything that crawls or any kind of reptiles.

Sooo.. I RUN to my mom's room, wake her up and I tell her that there are two lizards on my desk and I dont know what to do. My poor mom who was so sleepy told me to just sleep beside her.. but I was so scared I couldn't fall asleep at all after that. There is no moral in the story. Except for the fact, that, I hate Lizards so much. They're horrible. And especially when they're romantic.

This is true, I remember cause I put this back from an email I wrote to a friend that night. Gross, man. And today morning, just a few days since my recent lizard encounter, the damn thing was crawling right under my bed upto my cupboard. Shit. Does anyone know any sure shot measures to get them out of my poor small cramped room? Its my ugliest nightmare if this thing gets to my clothes hanging at the back of my door.

Other than that, I’m ve been cribbing so much about how I’m so poor. My roomies dragged me to that new Inorbit Mall in Vashi, and, shoot, its full of all this great stuff. That pink Marks and Spencer scarf, and the brown Benetton Jacket, oh and that Red kurta from Global Indian (or whatever that shop is called). Which reminds me, what is that shop Adamis? And how the hell in the world do you pronounce it, I think it’s a grossly bad move if its an Indian company, even people who’re studying business like me get intimidated and not up for it, its more crowd repulsive and weirding out, that attractive. Anyway, on the whole, I ended up feeling terrible that Sunday and so utterly insignificant amoungst all those awesomely dressed girlie crowd. I need money. Maaaaaannnnneeeeyyyyy Mannnnn! I wish my dad was a terrorist, or atleast an MLA. :-/ Huh.

Anyway, I have this article to read for my HR in Services Sector Class, its on HR Practices in Japan, its 18 pages. But I'm told it gets better later, I just don’t know how many pages should I skip to get to later.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fallout Girl

I heard someone say once that every song ends, but that’s no reason to not enjoy it. One ends and one starts, that’s what they say, right? This has been weird year. There are parts which feel like yesterday and some moments lost which feel like light years ago. I miss those all, and I miss those people. I know its not the year end yet, but I want it to end cause I can’t wait to start afresh. Every year, and with every fallout I always promise myself that whoever’s fault it is, I’m gonna get out of it being a better person. And my heart knows I try. I figure I’ve been reckless with a few of my friends, judging them, ignoring them. The truth is I’m scared, feel vulnerable, feel afraid to not be accepted. There was a line in Into the Wild, it said ‘it’s not about how strong you are, it’s about how strong you feel’. And I know I’m stronger than that, I can be a better person for this. Courage is not always winning. Courage is losing and then wake up each morning saying I’ll try again today.

I’ll try again today.

From the playlist, Lately, Helio Sequence and Phir Dekhiye, Rock On.

P.S. Priya I miss you too much, come back! Or atleast get a freakin night out and come to Bombay.
P.P.S And yeah, stop obsessing about Obama. All of you.

Wokay, gotta rush, Strat Man class now and then HR in Service Sector. Aargh! Yeah, yeah, you all have a good life too.