Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some Shit

I wonder sometimes what really my parents think (well, include my bade papa, chachas and badi mammas, chachis and brothers to the league).

Do they think girls are forever to be taken care of? They have to be kept completely protected, unadulterated under surveillance in their parents' house. Loved and cared for, of course. And then be very well taken care of under the guiding and watchful eyes of their more capable and rational husbands. So, I am not responsible enough for my own self? NO, really, I must be missing something here.

When I passed my 12th Grade, my family didn't even let me fill the forms outside my city, let alone, appear for tests. It's been five years since, and I thought, times change, we all grow up. But no sirree. Boo fucking hoo, no. Uh uh.

So I'm supposed to go to Alliance, Bangalore for a GD PI this weekend, and after I get my tickets, listen to this-

Bade Papa - "Bangalore bahut duur hain".

Chachu- "She is not mature enough to be alone".


Right, my 12th grader little brother is definitely mature enough to be sent to America alone next year. Oh, and my just an year older brother's college in Australia must definitely be closer than Bangalore.

Christ. I'm 22. Seriously, shut up.