Friday, September 19, 2008


So, ladies and gentlemen, I have no time. No, really. Not kidding, I have no time. I make my schedules everyday on my diary with a list of things to-do, few carried forward from yesterday’s, few from even before, some fresh emergency project completion items, some over ambitious plans; and a wishlist-type-to-do which include items like oil your hair, soak feet in warm water, take off the chapped nail paint from toes, read the new fiction book from Colaba whose bargaining price I gave my soul to, and the like.

So, I guess there is a reason people start breaking up when they go to business schools, not just because they cant give time to their needy, cutely, and oh-so-sexy counterparts, its also because they have no time for themselves (read personal grooming). My hair is thinning, I fear much much faster than the US recession. My complexion fluctuates like Indian Inflation as off late, majorly its always towards the bad news. An important contributor I must here give credit to, the Mumbai Moisture and its outstanding ability to invite dust and retain it, with every trip outside. And yes, my palms feel like a nasty marathon runner crocodile’s feet, thanks to the new found, weekly due liability of washing clothes.

Today in my Operations Management class, in the stream of handouts being passed around, one of them, I overlooked slightly for some paper which read “Thought of the Day”, my eyes lighted up! I studied arts for my graduation! Finally. Anything related to something from my earlier education, I couldn’t thank God enough for the opportunity I was provided to top my class, atleast once, just for discussing one handout. That’s enough too. My eyes already scouting for words like learning, life, love, truth, sanity, soul, purpose, righteousness, uncertainty… Sigh. I looked at the paper, was horrified to disbelief and starting writing this blog at the back of the handout.

Here, share the joy.

Thought of the Day

“Bull markets are born in despair, rise with skepticism, mature with optimism, and die with mania.”
-Franklin Templeton

Fuck, yeah.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wide Eyed Smiles

Yes,I figured (with prompt help from my friends and readers) that this post lacks explanation, and some context. So here it is, gladly so.

My friends and I, in the process of volunteering for Rotaract Club (Please look it up, if you're not aware of the initiative, and join!) went to a village in Navi Mumbai under a community health improvement program. The initiative is to reduce the child mortality rate and so one of the measure includes a regular blood check up and advising the women on how to take care of themselves during pregnancy.

Incidentally, in midst of all the running around and chaos, we couldn't ignore the curious faces, shy and yet unnerved with all the activity in their small school compound. So we all took up the chance and went to a few classes. Standard VII, III and I. We played quiz with them, gave chocolates, talked but to tell you the truth noting was enough. There was upsurge of such unsettling guilt, I didn't know how to conduct myself. Probably none of us did,but we tried. I guess we're still trying, trying to see if we can go back and teach couple of hours a week. Likhne ka kya hain, kuch hoga tab aur kahungi. Meanwhile. I'm here.

P.S. Maybe this post has a random stop, but its mostly cause my words are not powerful enough. I feel helpless.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Happy Economics Intervention

So, life is happening. Meanwhile my love for Economics continues. Its probably my professor. ‘Boss’ has got it going for all of us I guess. This one time, really long back, I was talking to Rachit about simple pleasures, happiness, real happiness.. and we started talking about it in terms of Maxima/Minima on our Life axis. The point is he loved Maths so much that he could explain life with it. Same with Me and my Economics. Everything I learn in Economics, just comes to life. It’s just the way things happen to us/with us. I might be sounding smitten by it and extremely biased but to tell you the truth, I am smitten and extremely biased to Economics. For example: In Principles of Economics to Aid Individual Decisions: ‘People face tradeoff’. Uhh..YES! Yes please. ‘The cost of anything is what you give up to get it’. OR ‘Demand Function’, Price is inversely proportional to Quantity sold, happens? Anything too hard to attain in our lives, falls in the rarely attempted category. OR say Average Product never goes to zero, there is always some positive output if you put any effort/input, there is always something to gain out of almost everything we do.

Exams season gone by, yeah, my opinions are changing regarding people and general competitiveness. Some people work so hard, that when my mom asks me about my exam preparations, I just start narrating theirs. I as a rule for preparation sift through the subject matter and tuck myself goodnight at 11. That’s right, 11 PM. I just don’t want to stress out too much ;-)
By the way, the two overused terms from this month’s classes – ‘Core Competency’ and ‘Optimum Utilization’. All my answer sheets, no matter what subject, had to have these there somewhere. So not much is on, exams done with, weekend was fun, and so was Rock On. It’s amazing how my pocket money always gets completely exhausted at the last day of the month. Till the last one rupee coin. Anyway, cant wait for this month’s pocket money have a long list of things to buy, besides it’s my birthday month. That’s right.. YAY.

Oh yeah, funny incident, I was talking to my Mom the other day, and just as a part of greeting her Good morning I said ‘Ram Ram’, we say that in our family when we greet the elders, I just say it now when I feel home sick and want desperately to be belonging somewhere. As soon as I said it, my Mom was laughing. Saying that ‘Ram kahan se yaad aa gaye?’. Me being in a great mood that morning (rare phenomenon) I said, its an indication that I’m still looking for mine. ‘Kahin toh khoj shuru karni padegi’. I thought she’d be smiling and would start explicitly showering her so-sought-after blessings on me that I bought the subject up by myself, but instead --- she was laughing, yes, hysterically laughing. And she said, ‘Ram toh sambhal nahi paayenge’, you should start looking for ‘Krishna’.

Pout. Pout.