Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Pointlessness of Being.

There should really be a book like that cause this is the sole truth. And what is truth anyway. Truth is just a variation of the millions of permutations and combinations of life’s entities, it could as easily have been another. So don’t hold any accounts of truth, as I said, your being is pointless. There is also no point in wanting something, not because you wont get it, but sometimes, you just might and it will clear all your doubts in mind and reveal to you the only reality, there is no happiness in it. It will probably just be easy, if you never get it, hope makes world easier. Empty still, but easier. And so they say, to aim for something you will never be able to have, Ignorance, you see, is bliss. Now you know.

Life does not listen to your logics. Because Logic is subject to change and wisdom. And logic – is a perspective. Perspective and point of views are altered truths. And what is truth anyway. All in all, pointless.

A man is a man, is a man. They are all cowards and do not live independently. Ask any evolved man, and he will accept that he is. If he doesn’t, he’s proving it. They’ve lived and will always live a life of reassurance. I am very sure the whole concept of someone being there for you was made by a man, cause he’s weak. They’re all weak. They are all sadistic parasites who will not leave you alone. Whoever it is, a husband, a father, a brother. In his mind, your life is not yours, it’s a byproduct of his. And all women believe it. You are not incomplete without him, he is. And he will make you believe otherwise, why? you ask me? Because they are weak. Don’t be fooled by the life in him, whether he says it or not, or even dead, he will not leave you alone. Cause how else will he make himself feel better. Physically, and every other wise.

And while I tell you the truths of life, let me also tell you that you will never be happy. Because nobody is happy. Happiness is but a mirage. It’s an illusion they make you believe, to make you want to live. It’s a game and you will never win, that’s just one of the two rules. The other being, it’s pointless. If you want to go to the Himalayas chasing the meaning of life, you can, there are several ways of wasting time in this world.

If you think I’m just being a sad and depressed person who’s been wronged and hurt in life, and whatever other excuses you make, abused as a child, raped, disrespected, stranded, rejected, unloved, these are what they are, excuses. If you don’t know this already you haven’t lived long enough or you took an easier path, of ignorance that is (which is highly recommended).

The greatest mistake you can do in your life, is to want something. Desire will eat you alive. Everyday of your life it will remind you how you don’t have what you wanted. And the trick is, once you do have, you’ll want something else. There is no point to it. It is meaningless. You are going to get nowhere in life, because you are coming from nowhere and will reach nowhere. There is nowhere to be. So, to live better, is to be detached, to be free of all wants. Cause it wont be this one thing that you want, it will be a series of wants. There is however a point to detachment.

So, don’t ever ask me again why I don’t believe in God. I can tell you, but then again I’ll save your time and tell you cause he’s a Man. And he’s just the same, a sadist parasite. And if there was an ungendered fair God at all, who made all this beauty in this world of colours and water and wind - he’s dead. You are all alone, and you forever will be.

Ofcourse there’s no pressure, you don’t have to be wise today. You can most certainly think of happiness, link it to some future goals, rely on God, be easy on yourself. Happiness and God are the two biggest hoax mankind has ever played on you. God is, but a propaganda.