Sunday, August 17, 2008

Old School

I was home for Rakhi this weekend and you what I realized.. Landline phones are awesome. It feels like a phone, looks like a phone, heavy receivers and a practical perceivable distance between the earpiece and the speaker phone. It would be such fun when I was in school, the phone would ring and I would know who it is even before I would pick the call, my childhood best pal Swati. And I would be so kicked, so red and so happy. Cell phones have ruined it all. Now we always know who it is before we take the call, and well, then sometimes when we don't take the call then. However, miss those days.

IMPPORTANT EDIT: Chirayu, none of this holds true for you. Better not chuck your cell phone anywhere and be too inspired by the post. You on the other hand should have a double battery backup and not be unreachable ever. Yeap, ever. Got that!? (Ha!)