Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In the pseudo winter night

This is no onset to winter in Mumbai, this is a rude tease to everyone from colder places. And after spending the entire day in my room, down with fever, and watching 14 episodes of How I Met Your Mother back to back. I want.... second season.

I dont want any thoughtful movies. I want no deep meaning cinema. Hell, I dont even want any chick flicks. After I forced myself to read through the first few pages of The White Tiger, I'm not in mood for books. And after I gave away my new year dress to Joyee, can the damn New Year please start already?

So I got so kicked after Dasvidaniya, I made my own little list of 10 Things to do before I die. No, I'm not sharing it here. You think I'd share mine first??!! Ha! And I have edited it even more than I have edited my CV, and that is a lottt. The point is, my tenth position is still empty. I thought I'd have a million things I'd wanna have, looks like its just 9, even those look a little repetitive.

I just wanna go home. I'm missing home so much, its crazy. But there are three conferences coming up and not to forget the trashy end terms. This is stupid. I want a holiday, I wanna go home :(

30 days from today, thats the nearest date that I can go :( And what kind of a crazy whacko college has even the 25th and 31st Dec as working days? And what kinda of a Communication class makes you write 30 page proposals? And I thought A/C was all numbers, but no sir, there are cases (here too!?), and to be answered in a particular format. Someone should tell these crazy bald A/C professors, noone really gives a shit about there stupid formats and columned shits, uh... we have graphs now. And some stuckup asshole FIN major doing them for the rest. So why is he wasting my time again?

Gawd, my life was so set, I was doing my low key trashy writing and in my small little city it was acceptable standards also. And then some crazy fool got all the money talk and MBA in my brains..

Thats right, Priya, I hate you. You sorry ass.

P.S. Sorry about the language.
And if you're a heartbroken FIN major now, big shit.