Thursday, July 29, 2010

Letting Too Much Out - Defeating Google

I used to think Google is the scariest thing in the world. Caues it knows so much about me. I have no prestige or integrity in front of the Google gods. Every website, every search, every question I’ve put on there, including “How to clean puke off of electrical equipments?”. Some questions you cant ask out loud, not just the dirty filth but also stuff you're too embarrassed to ask - like who the fuck is the CM for MP anyway or why is West Bengal called West Bengal, even though its in the east and that it confuses me. Sometimes I think how badly this Google guy on the other side would be judging me without knowing me. In case, I ever meet Brin and Paige, I’m just gonna give them the high eyes, the ones Larry David gives.

But yesterday I realized, Nope. They aren’t the scariest ones really. You know who knows most about you and who you should really be scared of? Your local chemist guy. That’s right. Jesus Christ, the shit he knows. My food habits. Bowel Movements. Fact that you once bought odomos. Period cycles. sex lives. Ugly ulcer details. How you sometimes take less medicine cause you don't have enough money. How you come in the ugly black shorts in the morning for some emergency (unwaxed legs and shorts much like bermuda from primary school days). For fuck's sake. I never feel like a pretty girl in front of the chemist guy, he knows a little too much about me for my own good sake.