Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Adequate Etiquette

What gives men the liberty to scratch their crotch in public?

Maybe, co-education was not as prevalent in the yester years and so again, maybe, it is'nt as obscene between men. And now, they just forget that the ambience and the company has long changed after school.

I think its disgusting.

What would a man think of a woman slyly scratching between her legs, and keeping the eye contact intact as if nothing happened.

Bhai's answer, "Sexy" ;)

Oh well!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Oldest debate.. More comments.

My cousin brother just got married. Bhabhi just as any other newly married girl wears the dupatta over her head. Its freakin hot, for christ's sake.

And then it occured to me. What about all my other friends who have to wear a burqua to come to even college.

As justified and explained (by others) the burqua , hijab or the head scarf are instruments to save the women from the lustful eyes of men.

My question is, however, why should us women be behind a darkened prison, in suffocation, for you guys' sexual problems?

No, really.

Regardless if allah said so or not, isnt it inhuman to cover people from head to toe?

Well, in the first case, women have sexual urges too. How come Allah didnt command the men to cover up? Obviously, he didnt treat men and women as equals. Talk about where inequality started. This is no personal attack on Muslim traditions, dont even get me started on 'Sita Maiyya', 'Agni Parikshaa' and 'Character debates'.

I suddenly see in people a growing rage to "lets get back to our taditions". Probably because more women are chucking the burqua, pallu, sorry [sic. saree]. And in some crazy logic maybe they think covering the head will also cover the brain.

At times, in my past, I took decisions that nobody would expect from a girl. Had it been a boy noone would have questioned the injustice done to him. But just because I'm a woman I guess I was supposed to stay quite and be a nice submissive little girl. Let go and compromise. I too, just like others have only one life.

बात इतनी है की अन्याय को सेहना सिर्फ़ कायरता नही, वोह भी न्याय के खिलाफ़ अन्याय ही है

Monday, May 7, 2007

Is the media glitter too blindingly glowy? Or am I just too old, too soon?

So when you work in Media, you meet really big people. Talented people. People who other people call celebrity people. Photographers, Directors, Musicians, Composers, Producers, Writers, Critics et al. They talk great and have all the 'rights' and at the end of the fancy party, they flirt with you. What a waste.

Its all good, you know, in a very non-cynical, all optimistic delusional almost teenag-y sort of way. But none of that is true. I'm none of the above stated. And for the 'n'th time~ No, I do not like hard rock. I am single and I am unavailable. And its not so bad at all.


Parties are never-never ending ( you have to be up and rolling for these, ofcourse) the doors are always open, the clothes are always scanty, flirt-dom is like a part-time rejuvenation that everyone accepts AND expects and the alchohol is free. It's a deal formulated by the Gods, flawless. For a GOA picture postcard its awesome but is this it?

Is this what its all about in Life? I dont know what its all about in life. Actually, I might even be the one person who's way.. wayy.. wayyy off to comment on which way to go. But I'd rather step back and accept that 'I dont know!'. I've been feeling so restless since a week. Damn! I cant even answer or reason for my own life. I dont have any answers. But none of us do. Knowing that you do not know everything is far wiser than thinking that you know when you really dont. Assumed expertise is far more aberrant than avowed ineptness.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Coming home to...

The idea for such a list is shamlessly plagiarised from a friend :)

So, I want to come back home to-

1. A small house with a balcony which views over to the freeways.

2. Somebody I'll be glad to see.

3. The control over the TV remote when I drink Chai.

4. Friendly silence or Inviting music, eitherway.

5. Books and Movies :) Infinitely.

6. A clean bed and white sheets.

7. Friends.

8. A comfortable couch to watch movies on and a huge, all encompassing blanket to get lost in.

9. A shelf of games.

10. A conversation like "what went on today?" :)

11. Someone to laugh with. Dance with. Drink with. Order food with. 'This' one might get longer, so, 'this' on a different post, sometime else .

12. Familiarity. ( All smiles)

I often wondered if any/every routine gets boring after a while? I have come to realize now that I'm not a person who seeks dynamic evenings and autumn leaves resolute anyway. It so happens that there are days and even weeks with nothing 'big' going on where I'd be obligated to a set pattern of work, dinner, talk and sleep. But I now think that, then, even patterns are worth looking forward to. I would still rejoice in the relaxed routine. Greatly revel in, evenings with nothing to do but talk and watch movies.

Just as I do now, 7:30 PM, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Everyday, without fail. There is no greater feeling then to proudly follow it. Always.