Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Coming home to...

The idea for such a list is shamlessly plagiarised from a friend :)

So, I want to come back home to-

1. A small house with a balcony which views over to the freeways.

2. Somebody I'll be glad to see.

3. The control over the TV remote when I drink Chai.

4. Friendly silence or Inviting music, eitherway.

5. Books and Movies :) Infinitely.

6. A clean bed and white sheets.

7. Friends.

8. A comfortable couch to watch movies on and a huge, all encompassing blanket to get lost in.

9. A shelf of games.

10. A conversation like "what went on today?" :)

11. Someone to laugh with. Dance with. Drink with. Order food with. 'This' one might get longer, so, 'this' on a different post, sometime else .

12. Familiarity. ( All smiles)

I often wondered if any/every routine gets boring after a while? I have come to realize now that I'm not a person who seeks dynamic evenings and autumn leaves resolute anyway. It so happens that there are days and even weeks with nothing 'big' going on where I'd be obligated to a set pattern of work, dinner, talk and sleep. But I now think that, then, even patterns are worth looking forward to. I would still rejoice in the relaxed routine. Greatly revel in, evenings with nothing to do but talk and watch movies.

Just as I do now, 7:30 PM, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Everyday, without fail. There is no greater feeling then to proudly follow it. Always.


Nia said...

hey dearie! the best part of your writing is that it is casual, yet so well-framed!...love reading it!

shupriyo said...

i pray tat u may get watever u want in yur life