Monday, May 7, 2007

Is the media glitter too blindingly glowy? Or am I just too old, too soon?

So when you work in Media, you meet really big people. Talented people. People who other people call celebrity people. Photographers, Directors, Musicians, Composers, Producers, Writers, Critics et al. They talk great and have all the 'rights' and at the end of the fancy party, they flirt with you. What a waste.

Its all good, you know, in a very non-cynical, all optimistic delusional almost teenag-y sort of way. But none of that is true. I'm none of the above stated. And for the 'n'th time~ No, I do not like hard rock. I am single and I am unavailable. And its not so bad at all.


Parties are never-never ending ( you have to be up and rolling for these, ofcourse) the doors are always open, the clothes are always scanty, flirt-dom is like a part-time rejuvenation that everyone accepts AND expects and the alchohol is free. It's a deal formulated by the Gods, flawless. For a GOA picture postcard its awesome but is this it?

Is this what its all about in Life? I dont know what its all about in life. Actually, I might even be the one person who's way.. wayy.. wayyy off to comment on which way to go. But I'd rather step back and accept that 'I dont know!'. I've been feeling so restless since a week. Damn! I cant even answer or reason for my own life. I dont have any answers. But none of us do. Knowing that you do not know everything is far wiser than thinking that you know when you really dont. Assumed expertise is far more aberrant than avowed ineptness.

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