Friday, May 11, 2007

नव युग वाणी

Slow and steady... need a new car! :)


shupriyo said...

fast and furious will still need a new car as well as a new life wat i am tryin to say is tat dont be slow and steady but thrs no need to go too fast cause then ull be not able to see whr u r heading and when u dont kwon whr u r heading u end up whr u dont wanna be so keep the pace a bit moderate

Nainy Sahani said...

Point taken.. Li'l One! :)

Aishwarya said...

hi, thanks for linking to me!

This is horribly off topic, but I'm not actually in LSR anymore, so you might want to remove that bit from the link before the college decide to sue me or something. :)