Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Updates

Things are, well, relatively calmer. Now that I have something definite on my to-do list atleast or two years, which also by the way requires a lot of commitment and hard work. I'm scared too, people say business schools suck, you know. Sheh.. I dont want to use this word "You know!". And I dont want to use "Sweet", "Cute" and "like". Maybe I should include frowns and sarcasm in my not-to-do list too, now since I'm at it, but then on second thoughts without these, i'll have no ugly sense of humour left to entertain my friends. Huh.
I'm going to be leaving soon, in a week precisely. And of all the other things that I've been thinking about, Mummy-Papa top the list. I'll miss them so much :( Other things include - Bed tea, Washed and ironed clothes, Landline Phone and Upmaa :( P.S. I will update this list, when I get more hands-on experience.

Trash-can-of-a-movie-update: Idiocracy
Review: Shit Stupid. I have too much time on my hands.

Movie-I'm-Dieng-to-watch: Sex and the City
Reason: Sex and the City

Movie-waiting-on-my-harddrive: Planet Earth Complete Series
Reason-its-still-waiting: They had a ugly crocodile scene in the first few minutes of 'Caves', I shut the entire thing off then.

Last-est-Movie-I-Saw: I'm a cyborg, but that's okay.
Review: Very sweet. A must watch. ("Sweet", here I go again).

Also, I happened to take local transport in my city two days ago, and guess what I discovered, Chivalry, my girls, isnt dead yet! :) It was a lot of fun. Rain catalyzed it too actually. What else? I'm bored. And I'm hungry. I have a really great joke on my cell phone (after so long)and no balance (annoyed). Also, I just recently finished my long time overhauled project at work. YAY! Cant't wait to get paid! Say hey! Also, they told me if I ever get free time on weekends in college, I can still work for them part-time and earn some pocket money. Its a good feeling to be wanted :)

Does everyone else daydream just as much? As in, say, half the time that you're free? I just keep thinking about random things I'd like to have. Like a small cozy apartment with a huge chunk of it as my bedroom. Huha! And a glass closet and a huge sofa and that book by Marquez I'm dieng to read and.. and... and.. You get my point. The last I caught myself thinking was, I wish I had a big black sassy SUV for myself. Maybe throw in jet dark glares and a suede waist coat. Heh, the funny part is - I dont even know how to drive. Ha.

On other fronts, I'm deleting my Orkut account for the nth time now. I figure, its more a evesdropping, and satiate your scepticism deal than anything else. First of, nobody knows what to talk to that long lost 8th grader friend, who by the way used to be fat as a pumpkin back then. After all the yeah you've changed and the couple of whats ups and whats news, I dont know what the hell to talk. And then ofcourse there are those testimonials (a lot of people have begun to refer those as "testis" by the way, umm, uhh). The next time I make a new one (ACCOUNT!, jeez!), my friends are just gonna be like, "Again?". They'd probably not even add me. Nobody likes there fans' numbers dwindling all the time. Thats not good for your public image.

So ok, thats it for now. I can only take so much soliloquy.