Saturday, October 13, 2007


It seems to me that we all want to be different. A rebel. Its cool, isnt it? (Wait, do we still use the 'cool' word? It came out while I was in school, and I remember how everyone wanted it in their email IDs.. I loved that time) (Shit, ADD, ok back here now). So I was saying being weird is standard. How we all take immense pride in it, its pretty amazing. Sometimes I think that we'd be better rebels if we become conformists once in a while.

Everyone reminds me of someone. Heh, two hoots to the stinking originality eh? Dissapointments, all the way. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

However, loyalty prevails from the world of written words. Here's something I absolutely loved.

by D.H.Lawrence

It is conceit that kills us
and makes us cowards instead of gods.

Under the great Command: Know thy self, and that
thou art mortal!
we have become fatally self-conscious, fatally self-important,
fatally entangled in the cocoon coils of our conceit.

Now we have to admit we can't know ourselves,
we can only know about ourselves.
And I am not interested to know about myself any more,
I only entangle myself in the knowing.

Now let me be myself, now let me be myself,
and flicker forth, now let me be myself, in the being, one of the gods.

Alright then.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


I coudn't believe my eyes. So first, these looked like some complicated letters (please also do look at the board they're holding) and I thought it was one of those foriegn language phrases which have been comfortably adopted in the English language for example Lingua Franca ( like what the fuck?!). But anyway, then I took a guess and I thought it's a long shot for a HIV PSA. But uhh, No.

This is a poster for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections on October 21st in Poland. Yes. I know. Its a campaign for the newly founded 'Women's Party'.

The poster also incorporates their electoral slogan: "Everything for the future... and nothing to hide."

So we see.

I've spoken for women all the sane years that I remember from my life but this is amusing even to me and after letting the weirdness of it sink in, I find it kind of offending. Actually, demeaning.

Anyway thank god, its Poland. Even the thought of Sushma Swaraj and Uma Bharti standing here makes me nauseous.