Saturday, October 6, 2007


I coudn't believe my eyes. So first, these looked like some complicated letters (please also do look at the board they're holding) and I thought it was one of those foriegn language phrases which have been comfortably adopted in the English language for example Lingua Franca ( like what the fuck?!). But anyway, then I took a guess and I thought it's a long shot for a HIV PSA. But uhh, No.

This is a poster for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections on October 21st in Poland. Yes. I know. Its a campaign for the newly founded 'Women's Party'.

The poster also incorporates their electoral slogan: "Everything for the future... and nothing to hide."

So we see.

I've spoken for women all the sane years that I remember from my life but this is amusing even to me and after letting the weirdness of it sink in, I find it kind of offending. Actually, demeaning.

Anyway thank god, its Poland. Even the thought of Sushma Swaraj and Uma Bharti standing here makes me nauseous.


Vinod Khare said...

Don't be so judgmental! You have no idea about the state of politics or women's movement or the cultural nuances in Poland. I'm sure it makes sense to them!! It is a political movement after all. It has to by populist.

Atul Jain said...

Idea of having Sushma Swaraj and Uma Bharti makes you nervous, but imagine if their male counterparts adopt the same policy, then we'll be having Vajpeyee, Advani and Laloo posing! That would be fun! At least "total transparency" will be ensured quite literally!

Adit Gupta said...

Wat's d big deal?? If a movie based on saddism can be a big hit, den dis is nothing.

Unknown said...

@ Vinod

Populist it is. It definitely is a sure fire way to get to the masses.

Sunny Walia said...

hah hah ha.....

pranjal said...

i didin get wat u donlike bout it...?
they promoted their party in local language?
or u imagined sushma n uma in tht poster ..{nt possible i guss}
or a paradoxical statement...?
wch it seems to u bt nt to targeted ppl
a also didn got wht u mean in d last para of ur blog...?
newy u helped me gettin tht poster rght ...thanx

digvijay thakur said...

"Everything for the future... and nothing to hide."
All said when they were actually hiding....which is a good thing..:D!!
Prim Polish politicians making for pornstars lately!!
Add Jayalalitha and Mayawati to the so mentioned two politicians and you might well enough end throwing up!!

Unknown said...

@ Atul, Ewww, gross.

@ Adit, you mean 'sadism'. But anyway, I dont see a connection.

@ Sunny :)

@ Pranjal, sadly I did not understand anything you wrote in here. Not even the last line.

@ Digvijay, Hehe.. Thats right!

Ishaan Ratnam said...
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pranjal said...

so sry
leme try it once more
i just meant i dont understand y u found tht poster offending...?
just bcoz they use their local language
or its the self contradictory statement they r using as their slogan{hiding all n sayin nthing to hide..dont get me wrng on tht 1}

may b m nt gud at xpessin myself
newy the last line just meant
thanx...nthin else

Sonia said...

it is indeed demeaning to women.
but Poland will surely have a record-breaking male voter participation!

ah well...a women's party that decides to win on drooling men?
witty they are...they did it in the name of being transparent leaders!