Friday, September 19, 2008


So, ladies and gentlemen, I have no time. No, really. Not kidding, I have no time. I make my schedules everyday on my diary with a list of things to-do, few carried forward from yesterday’s, few from even before, some fresh emergency project completion items, some over ambitious plans; and a wishlist-type-to-do which include items like oil your hair, soak feet in warm water, take off the chapped nail paint from toes, read the new fiction book from Colaba whose bargaining price I gave my soul to, and the like.

So, I guess there is a reason people start breaking up when they go to business schools, not just because they cant give time to their needy, cutely, and oh-so-sexy counterparts, its also because they have no time for themselves (read personal grooming). My hair is thinning, I fear much much faster than the US recession. My complexion fluctuates like Indian Inflation as off late, majorly its always towards the bad news. An important contributor I must here give credit to, the Mumbai Moisture and its outstanding ability to invite dust and retain it, with every trip outside. And yes, my palms feel like a nasty marathon runner crocodile’s feet, thanks to the new found, weekly due liability of washing clothes.

Today in my Operations Management class, in the stream of handouts being passed around, one of them, I overlooked slightly for some paper which read “Thought of the Day”, my eyes lighted up! I studied arts for my graduation! Finally. Anything related to something from my earlier education, I couldn’t thank God enough for the opportunity I was provided to top my class, atleast once, just for discussing one handout. That’s enough too. My eyes already scouting for words like learning, life, love, truth, sanity, soul, purpose, righteousness, uncertainty… Sigh. I looked at the paper, was horrified to disbelief and starting writing this blog at the back of the handout.

Here, share the joy.

Thought of the Day

“Bull markets are born in despair, rise with skepticism, mature with optimism, and die with mania.”
-Franklin Templeton

Fuck, yeah.


sociopathia said...

Maybe you should take a nutritional supplement or learn to let stress flow out of your pores and your hair will thicken up.

Unknown said...

Hey Will,

Good to see you here! Pleasantly, happily surprised! :)

Rest on email! :)

Ishaan Ratnam said...

Naaaah... I know wat u need!... ;) ...once u get it...everything will be JUST fine!...

Unknown said...

@ Ishaan

"saale Ch**t!" ;)

Sonia said...

You look great in the Rotaract Club picture - I don't see any dangerous consequences of studying in Mumbai. But ya, I know the feeling...hopefully you'll be immune to the weather and rebuild your comfort zone.

About the to-do lists...well, if you rem I had this diary in EMRC too where I used to have a daily planner thing (shared it with you in the 2nd sem)...people thought I was too organized/sincere...but the truth is what you've narrated in your own words. It was always a TO-DO list with no tick-marks. Gradually it became a memory of undone things.