Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wide Eyed Smiles

Yes,I figured (with prompt help from my friends and readers) that this post lacks explanation, and some context. So here it is, gladly so.

My friends and I, in the process of volunteering for Rotaract Club (Please look it up, if you're not aware of the initiative, and join!) went to a village in Navi Mumbai under a community health improvement program. The initiative is to reduce the child mortality rate and so one of the measure includes a regular blood check up and advising the women on how to take care of themselves during pregnancy.

Incidentally, in midst of all the running around and chaos, we couldn't ignore the curious faces, shy and yet unnerved with all the activity in their small school compound. So we all took up the chance and went to a few classes. Standard VII, III and I. We played quiz with them, gave chocolates, talked but to tell you the truth noting was enough. There was upsurge of such unsettling guilt, I didn't know how to conduct myself. Probably none of us did,but we tried. I guess we're still trying, trying to see if we can go back and teach couple of hours a week. Likhne ka kya hain, kuch hoga tab aur kahungi. Meanwhile. I'm here.

P.S. Maybe this post has a random stop, but its mostly cause my words are not powerful enough. I feel helpless.


Vinod Khare said...

Ye kahan ke photo hain?

Vikram said...

good to see you guys making an effort. kudos.

well i too catch sight of a few kids certain mornings - trudging along towards their schools - barefooted, tattered bags, handfuls of nuts wrapped in cloth for lunch. but their bustling energy makes one almost miss such details. sometimes i hope i don't see them since they make me feel a fool for complaining about the most banal stuff out of my urban existence. other days, they make my day, all my problems suddenly appearing too trivial to fret over.

First Person said...

I must say its a good initiative. At least you did something which we all just used to talk about sitting over the couches in some pub or sometimes when high.the pictures are simply beyond words. its good to see the topics you've included, pretty creative and above all, inevitable!!
i am sure there's much more to learn for everyone, especially your readers.great work ma'am!!
Hats off.....

Saurav Arya said...

"Likhne ka kya hain, kuch hoga tab aur kahungi"
Somewhere between your post and these words, i can smell restlessness to bring a change..Move on and let me know if yu need any help/assistance.

Sonia said...