Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women



Sonia said...

haha...that's a funny way to protest! wish i could flirt with my boyfriend publicly on 14th in India, so that my parents didn't have to marry us off on 19th. Ram Sena waale free me byah karwa dete :p

notgogol said...

I bloghopped here. Have been here for quite a while now. Love the in your face, matter-of-fact tone of most of your pieces. You're definitely close to mastering the art of accurately verbalising your frustration.
In the pseudo winter night and Big City Woes were delightful reads.

Unknown said...

@ Sonia

Aisa hain inka ki, kaam kisi ka bhi aasaan nahi hona chahiye. Teri madad bilkul nahi karenge.

@ Notgogol

Thank you. I try not to sentimentalize, but I guess that's what I'm good at. Solely.

Naarya said...

ha!!! ha!!! so kholl! had i known u earlier i wud hv promoted this aandolan of urs!