Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Thin & Diminishing Line Betwixt Being Free & Being Busy

My work which in my eyes is very ordinarily challenging takes away most of my time. I feel like my personal life is up for a spin, funnily enough though, this is only occurring to me now. How I unquestionably hate working Saturdays. And how I'm so taken by my work and its limitations, that it spills over to my all other sides. I haven't written anything exactly significant in more than three months. None too great a literature read, and no drawings made. I need to get all my creative energies together in something other than creative ways to make incredible excuses for a chaotic and utterly unorganized life.

So I have quite a few work woes, and I'm not ready to look at them like others, as in, the school of thought of 'nobody really likes what they do'. Because I for once, don't want to spend 40 hours per week of the best years of my life doing something I don't like. So as much as I really want to voice my woes and get things rolling, I never really know what is an acceptable work difficulty to express and which ones to manipulate extensively. Anyway, I don't think some of my difficulties make either of the cuts. Like how would you feel when you come in to work one day and there's a snake. A fucking snake. I mean, shit! What kind of a fucking work place is that!? Jeez. Anyway, I'm told its commonplace thing at IIT and we just need to learn to live with them. For which, I say - No.

Strange very very strange things have been happening, in the lines of finding snakes at your work place ofcourse. Like your Mom asking you if you've ever seen a boy stripping? That's freaky shit dude. She also very recently acquired the added skills of SMS-ing, so now whatever I tell her about my life all through her overtly frequent phone calls, she tops it with an SMS to go along with it, right after you hang up. So, they revolve around Aal iz well type-y jokes, to you need courage to live type lines, to sardar jokes to friends are forever to dirty jokes. Yeah, dirty jokes. Eww.

Also, I recently moved to a new place and don't know fuck about making new friends. Like what the fuck do you say, "Hi, you don't know squat about me but we're gonna sleep in the same bed and eavesdrop on each other's personal late night conversations from today. Of course, fucking awesome meeting you". Also, there are so many uncertainties. Like how tolerant are you with swear words, do you expect me to ask you for dinner when I go out? Do you like music in the background? Are you going to judge me if you see fleeting scenes of nudity on my laptop screen (Courtesy: Califorication, damn good show btw), and what's the protocol on dressing up? You dress in the shower or the bedroom? Or I don't know. It's just weird. And I now also have the headache to set up a new internet connection at my place, jeez. And a brand new bank account, because seriously SBI is a little too much for one life.



sunshine said...

Awesome indeed. I love your line which says something to the effect that you cant spend the best years of your life doing something that you don't like.

Will help me make some decisions.

Love ya, as always :)
Muah :)

kamaltriloksingh said...

Its really... really good to see you so happy... And yeah its great to see the conversation topped up with an SMS, especially when its your mum doing it, kind of reminds me of my mom....

And Califorication, its one hell of a show... And new friends, well I am sure you will figure that one out...


Sid said...

Hey this is my first time here... interesting blog :)

Aditya said...

Not that snakes and new apartments and californication aren't interesting, but being one of the species I am still anticipating the big post on IIT and IIT men

Sonia said...

LOL you have a cool mom! Similar things happened to me with the family's interest in Skype, and the fact that it's free gave them a few extra reasons to call often. Initially I enjoyed it, but later had to make it occasional when it began to overwhelm my already weird schedule.

I've moved 3 times in the last two years and thanks to American education system - I have a new class each semester depending on who registers for what. So again it's always a pain to re-introduce myself every 4 months and pretend that I have a social life. Girl, you're not alone. Maybe we can bitch about it together when we meet next :p

Honey Bee said...

Oh, so you're alive!
Get back to me, idiot!