Monday, January 28, 2013

Living the (abnormal) Life

A wonderful thing happened today. I found a group of people I can finally feel,  I belonged to. And almost simultaneously found out that they're a sort of phenomenon to be studied - in fact, also dubbed as ones with abnormal tendencies.

Do you know what is the Peter Pan Generation?- These are groups of adults who do not acknowledge responsibilities like marriage, children and career, adults who refuse to grow up.

Funnily enough, my husband emailed me this article, calling me 'the leader' of 'this' generation. I'm mostly happy about it, knowing that he knows and knowing that he's okay with it.

I do in fact think a lot like that. I do refuse to grow up. Because honestly I see nothing great about being an adult. I think we unnecessarily complicate our lives with expectations that will do no good to anybody and stress ourselves out with innumerable lists on things we need to do, things we need to own, things we need to see, things we need to accomplish.

And we forget that we weren't born with these lists and there's no real proof that people who tick off all these, live a fuller and happier life. Then why exactly burden ourselves with these? Oh, to leave for your generations? Have you asked your future grandchildren or children if they want any? Are you living off your father's wealth?  Cause that'll sort of answer, do you want to continue this parasitic generation values? I say, let them be - free.

I in fact also believe that physical commitments such as these stagnate your life. You're so worried about fulfilling these on-paper duties, that you forget the life you're living right now. It somehow makes no sense in my mind to prepare for a luxurious life after 50 and suffocate my best years of 20s and 30s.

But I think this phenomenon is depicted wrong, these are not people who refuse to grow up, these are in fact people who refuse to take things too seriously. People who are a little more free minded than usual.

No, these are not people who are afraid to be in relationships or commitments, these are people who are free of the urge to be in a hundred social circles. These are not people who are scared of relationships, these are people who are not scared to be alone. And there is a difference. Big difference.

We're not looking for your approvals. We are okay to be stared at, to be questioned, to be tagged, to be name called, and to be envied (rightfully).

Sure, I have a lot of "I dunno"(s) in my life. But you see I'm in no hurry. I have no special place to be, and in doing so, every place is a place to be. I actually do make my life decisions based on "if its making me happy or not?" "If he/she makes me happy or not?" That's it. As simple as that. This is all that there is to my decision making. I dont overburden each decision of my life analyzing its 5-year repercussions. And I think I've done pretty damn fine.

I do believe we're misunderstood. Anyway, here's the link to the article that triggered this post. And please know, that there's more to this than meets the eye. Maybe, I've finally found my research subject. You think?


zubin said...

Brilliant - Absolutely brilliant. You have just said it better than I ever could.

Btw, congrats :).

Back Seat said...

Lovely Naino!!! :) thanks for writing this.

Unknown said...


Thank you :) Aur thank you ek baar phir :)


Glad you liked! Arre.. how come I cant access your blog?

Prerna Sawhney said...

Nice read. I guess there is more than what meets the eye. And its not very simple I have seen that such people hurt people who loves them the most with such approach there is no harm in living life the way you want to but not at the cost of happiness of those who love you the most

Unknown said...

@Prerna Sawhaney

Nope, I didnt say it's simple. Its very difficult in fact.

There is hurt in everything Prerna Di. If you become someone you're not, you are going to hurt yourself. If you do exactly what are meant to, in long term, this works out the best.

I'm young and there's a lot to be learned so will wait for that too :)