Monday, June 18, 2007


The TOPMOST reason I absolutely love internet, is, it takes investigative journalism to one level WAYYYYY up. What awesome fun.

P.S. "Top Ten Reasons Why Geeks Are Better Lovers" Now did you ever think you'd find a story such as this.

I personally think it just doesnt get any more 'factual' than this. Agreed 100%. My top ten reasons -

1. Foremost, the really smart guys are less likely to be threatened by smart girls. ( that's right, this is my blog and ofcourse I'm allowed to use my very own assumptions about myelf ;-) bracket close.

2. They type all day, think.

3. I'm absolutely certain they are aware of quality over quantity. Realtionships and people per se.

4. I like men when their talks have content and varied subjects. Its so much more intriguing than having to talk about JUST cell phones.

5. Hehe, just as the writer said, "They are not socially equipped to cheat on you! ( wanna bet?)"

6. They really research - 'Everything'. Its not even funny. And its all good, detail oriented, you see. Ofcourse, we've all researched sex (and related terms) in dictionaries in high school, but these guys have really got it going.

7. Most of them wear glasses. Enough said.

8. No cheap flirting. And even when they try, its lame and super cute.

9. They Observe. They Experiment. And They Infer. Very Quick learners.

10. They are very very fun company. They talk sense, read, know good music and they play scrabble with you.


GajabKhopdi said...

I always hated being called a geek but guess things are gonna change this day onwards! :P

A 4 liner to go with it:

If fun is what you u seek,
and a guy u'd love to speak,
Then leave all 'dudes' behind,
and go n get a geek!

Vinod Khare said...

Okay! I qualify. What next?

Prakhar Deogirikar said...

guess u hav given us a reason 4 still keepin alive doncha think????

Unknown said...

Right on Prakhara!!! ;-) All is good! :)

Anonymous said...

Nainy, try having a 'geek' boyfriend. You might just end up swimming your way to Madagascar in order to escape him.

(Only in case your presumtions categorize me: I neither belong to the godly geeks, nor the denounced dudes. I'm just another ordinary guy. :D)

HojO said...

veryyyyyyyyyyyy funny!!
hahahahhahah ...really love it


Mayank said...

I guess you are looking at one perfect geek here :).
Good Luck finding him.

~S n E h A~ said...

one more thing...

geeking is contagious...the world is becoming geeky-er by the day..good for us!! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you all! :)

kpowerinfinity said...

geeks, that makes me feel good