Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emotional Intelligence and rest of March Madness

It’s been mine and Vinod’s one of the major chat themes, how people’s intelligence is segregated, some have the academic acumen, some emotional, some social, and some are well, not so much into the intelligentsia regime. Which is ok. As for the rest, you’d meet people who’d be so good at their 9 to 5(s), and be a complete mess in personal lives. Even the simpler things. I think the first lot of the mind-numbing knowledge wrecked set is the least successful in taking common knowledge decisions. Why is that? Wisdom should help simplify, right? Something here is snapping. You might say, rights differ with a person. Some know better, I probably don’t understand the view. But see, common sense is not a relative term, is it? It’s like speed of light. All observers should measure the same Speed of Light no matter how fast they are moving. Everytime such things happen, it further strengthens my belief that the learning inside class stands without a purpose if you haven’t learnt enough from outside people and places. I’m yet to meet a person who’d prove me otherwise. The more involved you’re inside, the less evolved you’re outside.

About March, now. This was an interesting month. I got a free makeover with Femina. And starting yesterday have been getting calls from people I haven’t spoken to in ages, about how I look just the same. Yaar ab koi kitni baar kahe, ki woh dasvi kaksha se ek hi jaisa dikhta hain. But all in all, the Femina thing was fun. I made some good friends, got a free hot stone massage at a top-notch spa in Bombay, free hair and skin consultation, hair colour, manicure, pedicure, a funky haircut and did I mention Espirit clotheline? :P

The only hitch is, I had recently curled my hair and as a part of my makeover, they ironed it back to straight. Yeah, thanks. Toh officially, I’m back to looking how I looked since tenth. But anyway, get the April Issue and let me know how lame and fobby it tured out :)

I have decided to not take up a rigid interns in the Mumbai heat and instead go home and take up small writing projects. As a starter, I also bagged a small project with NDTV, some marketing content. Which I’m extremely happy with. I get to be home, eating home food, save my money, use the club swimming pool all summer, and my brother sponsors my beer on Saturdays. Life is getting back to rosy, chicas.

P.S. About the title, I reckon there is not much madness in my march mentioned (hehe, I don’t share my drunk stories here, but I love the phrase, super marketing funde hain bhaiyo)


notgogol said...

Rightly said. The problem with nerds/geeks is not that they're socially inept; its that they know it and give two hoots about it. That's scary. Its like - main jaanta huun main chu**** huun lekin uske baare main kuch nahin karunga; duniya jae bhaad main.

P.S. "I don’t share my drunk stories here.." why not? *pretty please with a tequila on the top* :|

Divi said...

Finally...the suspense is over! :)

Abt inside-outside phenomenon...It is very true that knowledge without implementation gets very superficial..the ground realities hit u worse than the syllabus....speakin of which..I'm internin too private..(bad job market..risky to divulge such details u kno..))! :D

I'll buy the femina issue very soon...jus fr you! ;)

And March-madness-drunk-stories....hmmm... I've heard em all...Talk abt one-upmanship. :D

Thanks fr yet another refreshin post.

Will see you home! :D

Subhajit said...

Really liked the point you raised regarding common sense...I always wonder why people go mad after CGPA & ask them what's happening around and they are mum. CGPA is not going to take one anywhere apart from making him/her eligible to sit in the GD of B-School placements. After that it's all common sense.

And you have got a really nice & engaging schedule at home!!!

Best of luck for your assignments...

Sonia Gaud said...

wah yar makeover with Femina? tu blog pe upload kar ya email kar us issue ki copy...please! (and i also wanted to see you with curly hair!)

Congs on the NDTV project :)

btw, speaking of the common sense things you described..i think it's not exactly a relative term, but the more you know the more your range of 'common sense' grows. Meanwhile people who haven't evolved as much, start falling out of the definition..


njoy your stay at home and have some food in the true sense rather than just talking about it....... u need it :)

AJ said...

well it's not a mutually exclusive set as to say, a person can be good academically and have common sense as well.. many ppl i have met, meet these two standards...

And common sense is certainly a relative term. Amongst a group of people, degree of person's common sense can only be determined with respect to the person with highest common sense in the group, as you don't have anything more to compare to ...

speed of light remains same because observer's speed would be negligble compared to light's speed, so the difference wld be negligible too... and i just don't get the relation betn the two..

Hussain Haidry said...

Intelligence pe to bahut lamba discussion ho sakta hain, isliye uske baare mein to kuch nahi kahunga, par tere maze hain yaar: Femina mein makeover kar ke photu aur NDTV ke saath project! Too good! A cool summer you have ahead. How did you get selected for that Femina makeover thing, waise?

P.S. Bando ko makeover ke liya kya kya karna padta hain bata de yaar ;) Muh-dikhaai ke mausam hain.