Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Phokat Incoherent Brouhaha

There is a seductive shimmer on the horizon of happiness. It doesn’t let you rest. It’s tempting and worse off, always an option. When you’ve been hurt before, you want to just play the rims. Stay on the covers, smile from far and not involve. Not indulge. But that’s no way to happiness. Stuck in the sham, drudgery and broken dreams, we forget the little nuisance of an honest smile. A dreamy stare. A warm touch. A sign. And to yearn for it, is to almost reach it. That’s the way to be happy. Yearn. Dive. Sink. Surrender. (Goofy Smile- Humungous)

Few advises (for free)

1. Every person must live in student hostel once. Atleast long enough to realize that it’s probably a bad idea to not employ domestic help and act oversmart to claim that we do all our jhaadu and the like ourselves.

2. Some people are just plain lucky, and no matter how much you crib (or stare in disbelief) there’s nothing much you can do about it but sulk.

3. So much reluctance to not dress up is also a sort of vanity.

4. ‘Absolute’ does not exist. Absolute love, Absolute honesty, Absolute happiness, Absolutely stunning, eh. However, Absolut Vodka does :) And Thank God for that. Halle-fucking-lujah.

5. Food is one of the purest forms of pure lust. Pure, pure, sacred. I characterize every activity and phenomenon with food now. Say for example:
Wrapping in my comforter before sleeping: Becoming a Burrito
When the power cuts off: It makes me a Fried Chicken
When people throw attitude: Don’t go Foie gras on me!
To save on the sanity, I’ll leave my racist associations alone. Ask me in private, its good stuff ;)

The fun gossip from College, I didn’t share it here, so here’a cover on the wait-for-it – Cat Fight. We had a HR Services presentation; we presented Southwest Airlines HR Services. And some biaatchh couldn’t take the peace and took up a fight middle of the presentation, contesting our sources (and made us loose 5 marks in the end term presentation). Trouble. We’re a 6 girls group. Repeat – Girls. Six. Grouped. And mad. My dearie gawd, we screwed her happiness. Ofcourse, I had a guilt trip later for doing that. But for that little while that it lasted, it was fun. But on the whole, this was a satisfying week. A 52 page proposal for my world’s favourit-est company fetched me an ‘A’. And I’m max kicked. The company is IKEA if any of you are wondering. On other fronts, I still don’t have a summer Internship in order. But Jo’anna don’t lose no hope.

And No, I’m not yet over on my self confessed obsession to DevD. The damn thing is my wallpaper, and if you must know, I made a collage of my favourite shots from the film in between classes. I love it that much. Dhol Yaara Dhol makes you want to be in love. Butttt.. Delhi-6? What was the objective again? I mean, bhai koi original game laao. Sirf aaina dikhaane se kuch nahi hoga, humen bahut log dikha chuke hain. Hum metaphors aur simile waale sophisticates hain hi nahi dost. Hum nahi samajhte. Mujhe toh aakhir tak ummeed thi ek asli ke kaale bandar ki. Ki koi Makrand Deshpande lookalike maidaan main koodkar dilliwalon se confess karega, sansanikhej khabar banegi, thoda public drama banega, maze aayengi. Sab waste. Poori movie waste hain. 120 Rs bhi waste huye. Genda Phool hi ek layak cheez thi, iske liye itni jaddojahad jheli. Par, Gulaal in just around the corner. Ranaji was delightful, Rekha Bhardwaj’s voice is so captivating and so raw, it has a brittleness which is so original. I love love love her voice.

Also, I was twittering the other day, what the hell is this usage of word Bang? I thought it meant, yeah, that. What are all these new usages springing? Is it just used in Bombay? Someone said yesterday while giving me directions, ‘Bang opposite of ICICI’. Huh!? Oh, and ‘Bang on!’ Hmm, sure. Let me know, if this semantic harakiri is used any other way. I’m interested in all the umm.. banging.

Rest of the world is going by it’s speed. And I wouldn't change a thing. Get it? Get it? Si ;-)

See ya. And so long.


Subhajit said...

Long time...but worth waiting for...a real good one

Loved the absence of "Absolute" part and the lust for food.

And finally, u r "BANG" on reviewing Dev D and Delhi 6!!!

notgogol said...

speaking about bangs and the like.. a hippie-couple walked up to a bunch of us sitting on a beach in goa.. around the same time 2 years back during holi.. "you guys know where we could get some 'bang'. we've heard that the 'bang' during this festival 'howly' is awesome"..
took us sometime and a lot of raised eyebrows before we realized wat the chaps wanted and got them their thandai with a 'bang' :) They seemed highly content :P

P.S. Thanks for reminding me about Joanna. She gives me hope as I type :)

Vinod Khare said...

Bahut hi faltu post hai. But for some reason I love the language and the style. It flows very mellow. :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

@ Subhajit

Thanks :)

@ Notgogol

1. Interesting name.
2. I didnt see 'that' coming ;)

@ Vinod

Naam main hi phokat hain :) Aaj kal kuch significant hota bhi nahi hain. Waise, agle saal tujhe aisi aur bhi posts milegi, 2nd year MBA toh aur hi fokat hota hain.

Sona Garnaik said...

To me, reading ur blogs is almost lyk reading my own diary... may b coz i hv been a part of watever's happening around. keep d gud work goin. bt by d way, i dont think "Genda Phool" ws d only likable part of Delhi 6, I think u 4got d Raamleela.... ;)

Eternally Stupidified said...

"All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money"

Wonder what was the usage here ??

Replying to Free advice:

1.Realization took place quiet some time back.
3.No Comment.
4.Absolute Disaster Happens too (Accounts paper this semester)
5. Food is Good.(unless of course ITM Canteen food)

Few more unnecessary thoughts:

Screwing somebody's happiness is not acceptable form of revolt in a Gandhian nation.

Dev D was outstandingly refreshing. Loved the ending and Loved Chanda.

Delhi6 was fun ... it was RIGHT ??

Joi Ma Kali :)
(Conventional way of Bengali greeting a GOAT before sacrificing it to Mrs.Shiva)


god bless the person who created blogs.......

at least we can write about things which we can't talk about....

giving vent to your thoughts is a good idea rather then brewing them

Unknown said...

Seductive shimmer huh? Well, i'm glad you found what you're searching for and that you're happy

Unknown said...
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Tanmay! said...

nice post depicting real action going on in ur life...

Keep Blooging !!

Shailesh Mishra said...

A Heart-broken starting, advises, college life, corporate comparisons and movie reviews together in a post? That's quite a mix (and in fact, I did like it too). It makes me wonder what would've been going through your mind when you wrote it.

1. hostel life - absolutely essential for becoming a man/woman (see, here's an absolute)

2. I'm one of the 'chosen' ones - I get the extreme mixed bag of good and bad luck and thankfully more of the good-luck part. I'm envied by the other not so lucky, but I don't care.

But you see, if you're labelled lucky once - even when it's your blood, sweat and toil which gets good reults the credit is still to your luck rather than perseverance.

3. Dressing up? I thought dressing down was hip, until I left college.

4. Apart from my example above and another one which I read somewhere in comments here - (Absolute disaster) Absolute Zero? Death? You can't be relatively dead - you're just dead! In fact, there's a philosophy called Absolute (Philosophy) dedicated to the whole concept of 'absolute'ness.

5. Gluttony is one of the seven sins my dear!

IKEA Seriously?

Unknown said...

@ Sona

OMG! Yesh! The Ramleela was breathtaking. Truly. And I guess, it was quite an effort we all made to re-do it in our hostel :P

@ Anirban

Mrs.Shiva??! LOL

@ Iftikhar

Yessum! Write some prose, it's been a while!

@ Tanmay

Thanks :)

@ Shailesh

A lot of things were going on in my mind. It isn't a life crisis but big calls, I guess. The trouble is there's so much better stuff to do, I cant comprehend how to avoid the useless ones ( like Exams, degrees :/ bracket close.

And Yes, Ikea. No second thoughts. I hope I make a business model as unique as it one day. If not, I'm just gonna try and take over IKEA (after colouring my hair blonde and putting on a fake swedish accent):p No, seriously I deeply appreciate the way they make it work.

Ishaan Ratnam said...

Mamta ki bikhri kahaani ki duniya
Behno ki siski jawaani ki duniya
Aadam ke Hawwaa se rishte ki duniya
Shaayar ke pheeke lafzon ki duniya
Ye Duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai!

Movie: Gulaal
Song: Duniya

Sonia said...

mast likha hai...taras gaye the apki kalam ki kalakaari ko!

beshak dilli 6 barbaad film hai - it's just a collage and no story. It seemed like the director randomly shot the shots, and then somehow tried to link it together during post production..

I too love DevD! Cinematography-wise too - big experiments!

btw, i did a study on IKEA's web animation for their UK website. it's so interesting! http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_GB/rooms_ideas/PS/index.html

and hey...i'm waiting to read about the racist associations with food in an email, soon!

notgogol said...

an update is overdue!!
so are ur projects and submissions i presume :P

Unknown said...

@ Sonia

I'd check out the IKEA link, thanks for sharing.

@ Notgogol

Aur bol! :)

notgogol said...

"aur bol" is a very dangerous term ji... I have a messy home, a ton of weekend work and a constantly ringing phone... use "aur bol" wisely nahin toh actually kaam pakada dunga :P