Friday, July 3, 2009

About Love and its Legalities

I’m so over-the-top happy that, the Delhi High Court decriminalized homosexuality by reading down section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. The Delhi Gay and Lesbian Parade went very well and had a great turnout, I’m happy about that, but also sad that I coudn’t be there. For great pictures of the same, head over here. There was this crazy news reporter there going around questioning all of them and asking extremely annoying questions like, Is he your boyfriend? Do you guys kiss? Do you think this disrupts Indian Culture? And provoking physical expressions between them, so that he can take pictures and then sell them, or who knows run it on India TV for a good one week. I get so annoyed when people say this is abnormal, or can be treated. For one, Heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common. Hence, forms NO benchmark for normality. Two, it’s unfair; Love and Marriage is human right not a Heterosexual Right. And please about the Indian Culture, sometimes I think India is a country of tolerance and diversity of landscapes, colour, languages, gods and festivals, everything but people.


Sonia Gaud said...

I wasn't as open minded until I came to San Francisco (which happens to be the world's Gay capital...and the pride parade here was fun!). I've grown up learning that girl marries boy..and for every adam there's only eve, not steve :p

However, Nainy..I think that a person's opinion purely depends on how much exposure they've had to the real diverse world. For people who've never closely known any homosexual, it's hard to understand that they're just like any of us with different sexual choices. I didn't care for these issues until I had some gay friends and got to know their lives more closely.

It also depends on what kind of family you're in - the Indian stereotype is to get good education, marry the opposite sex - girl should be younger, have kids, live and die together as a couple and keep the family bonds is always a little difficult to come out of stereotypes in a traditionally routed society.

It will take time for these laws to get the respect they deserve. But gradually and eventually - India will change.

Exprecstacy! said...

The ruling, one of its kind in India, is a wind of change in this deeply conservative country.

Been in India all my life, I have to say I'm not completely comfortable with the idea (not against it though). And I second you when you say "Love n Marriage is human right not a Homosexual Right." We Indians are changing!

Eternally Stupidified said...

Well frankly, I don’t understand homosexuality. You may call me primitive for that but there are others like Swami Ramdev, who might just like to kiss me for my take.. (GOD!! that sounds Gay). At a individual level I am not broad minded enough to accept it completely, and if someone close to me, turns out to be a homosexual I might even be inclined to take Psychiatric help form him/her. But that is at an individual level. But just as I have my own opinion, others are free to have their own. I respect that. What I completely don’t endorse in is people getting into other peoples life and deciding for them. Whether it is family, friend, government, or society at large. What two adults do in their personal life is nobody’s lookout, and for that reason I support the decision.
And about the media the least said, the better. I mean how highly you can rate them when leading news channels run funny videos and comedy shows on prime time, when people in parts of the country are dying of cyclone or civil war.

Ishaan Ratnam said...

I guess for a straight person, it is difficult to understand homosexuality, just like for a homosexual, a man and a woman holding hands. But as long as two sane and living humans are happy with each other, it is no one's prerogative to meddle in their business. India is progressing and this verdict is definitely an eye opener but still the Indian society will take time to accept this fact and shy away from the usual hypocrisy...Campaigns like Pink chaddhi and others are a welcome sign...Btw Neeraj was a pretty far sighted lyricist...Main aadmi hoon aadmi se pyar karta hoon! :P ...