Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Sometimes, I'm sick of myself. I have some limitations which end up clouding my strengths. My goal in life is just freedom. See, this is hard to express, but let me try.

I don't like supervision. You can ask my mom, she'll swear by it. I also have a female-ego. Yeah, sue me. So, all in all, a man supervising me, ticks me off so bad, I develop tendencies which are life threatening, threatening his life to be clear. And so this line manager system woudn't work with me. Also, I absolutely love sun light. Please do not imagine scorching heat that you face when you're commuting in a cab and are laced with sweat. Cut some slack, let me paint a picture for you. Imagine 11 AM Sunday Morning with an empty house. Imagine your windows are open, and the balcony door is ajar. Imagine tiny shorts and a white ganjee. And now imagine icy beer in a beer mug in hand. A spicy tandoori chicken tikka for snacks with cuchumber. And a nap on the sofa with sunlight pouring in. What a beautiful way to enjoy nature? Ain't it. But then you're robbed off of it. The maximum that you can do this in your beautiful house, is 3 weeks. That's all your job will allow. One may argue there are weekends, but the weekends are stressful themselves, in dividing time between family, friends, chores, catching a movie, reading at least a couple of pages of those books dusting away in your closet. In fact, I need weekends to recover from weekends. So in effect, I can only really enjoy just 21 days out of 365 days of my year. And not just this one year, year after year after year.

How depressing. Yeah, fuck that shit.

I have momentary lapses of motivation when I read others' blogs/FB updates on how their project is coming along great now, and how they were up till 3 AM working in the office and taking it all in the stride. And I think, hmm, see Nainy? That's the way of life! Everyone has to pay for their fun and work like an ass. But like I said, its momentarily. It wears off, and I think that's just fucking stupid.

So here's what I wanna do. I want to learn and take classes - on anything for that matter, skate boarding, kick boxing, tai chi, reiki, sword fighting, coding, swimming, carving, italian, urdu anything. I want to write. I want to travel. And I want to NOT feel that I only have 21 days off in my year. I also DO NOT want to feel stressed about not being able to find enough vacation for my brother's wedding.

It's not like I don't want to work, but I don't like being chaperoned. I want to work location independent. Did I mention I also hate so much money dependency?

The whole system is wrong. I wish I could go back to olden times and while the time machine is at it, also put me somewhere in Europe. And then I'll be at one place say in a spanish dance Studio, work for couple of months, pack my minimalistic little self and move to another country say Italy and wait tables in an idyllic day cafe in Rome.

Just writing about this makes me happy. I hate how everyone around me thinks it's too idealistic. It is actually simpler than it sounds. And of course, it is fair. So much more fair that this economy blah blah world is being to us.

Oh god, when can I start living?


Sonia said...

I feel the pain, sista! Hobby classes are definitely great stressbusters. None of the things you want seem idealistic/over-ambitious to me! I know it's easier said than done, but if you really really want the gypsy life you described, just go for it! There are always ways :)

Unknown said...

@ Sonia

I think I'm getting there. Also, I cant access your blog anymore! :( What gives?

sunshine said...

You start living when I come back to Mumbai! for starters gimme your number dudess n lemme give a bit of Shivangi gyan :)

sunshine said...

You start living when I come back to Mumbai ;)

zubin said...

Haha, this is the evil corporate empire. Become Princess Leia and fight it off. :). Just do it, to quote Nike. Tick off the things from your bucket list.

Divi said...

Truly refreshing post!

Hussain Haidry said...

Ah, "I need weekends to recover from weekends" :) Seriously. Bambai marne ka itminaan deta to hazaar khudkushiya hoti har din.


hey, After a very long time was able to steal some time from my work n just browse net for fun,as i was in no mood of working. Reading what you have written felt strangely familiar...... felt so releaving that i am not alone in this world who thinks this way.... thanks dear for expressing perfectly what life can be if only we were free to live it.... :)

Sonia said...

@ Nainy - I quit writing blogs about a year ago. I now prefer to spend more time on hobbies that take me away from the monitor! Too much of it already :)